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Recruitment for the Public Sector

Right now, we're investing to ensure we can exploit the opportunities that technology and digital services offer as an enabler of change and innovation, delivering both savings and more efficient and effective services that are better for everyone.


It is pivotal that we upgrade and improve that foundation technology platform to allow us to leverage both the operational and efficiency benefits of moving towards an operating model that has digital policing at its heart; fully leveraging technology as an enabler for effective policing and efficient back office support.

Innovating Information. Investing in the Future


The two forces are committed to the Policing Vision 2025 as set out by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and the National Police Chief’s Council.  The Vision sets out the Policing Plan leading to 2025 with the ambition of making transformative change across the whole of policing.

We're clear about our ambitions for Digital Services and its underpinning technology implementing a holistic approach that will deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place so that police officers, staff and the public can make well-informed decisions and we can deliver an excellent and value for money service.

The Digital and Technical Transformation Challenge


A Digital Services Transformation (DST) programme has been initiated and is currently in the early requirements gathering stages. The programme aim is to re-architect, stabilise, simplify, and secure the technical infrastructure (the foundation ICT) within the West Mercia and Warwickshire Police.

The Forces require a technical infrastructure capability that is:

  1. Fit for purpose (meets the end-user requirements).

  2. Robust, resilient (where required), and reliable.

  3. Aligns with national and regional technology initiatives and standards.

  4. Is secure and complies with the required legislative security policies and standards.

  5. Is designed to evolve to meet new emerging business needs and adapt to leverage the benefits of emerging technology.

  6. Provides a platform for a Single Version of the Truth operating model.

This is the start of a significant journey, which you will help shape and direct, to modernise the core technology and provide the stepping stone to allow the two forces to fully embrace digital policing and the benefits it offers.


This is where you come in!


We are seeking an exceptional individuals with a proven background in technical transformation at scale that will sustainably and effectively enable realisation of the current and future outcomes of the two forces. To add a further challenge to this exciting transformation, these changes need to be implemented whilst still providing a functioning BAU service to police offers and support staff.


You will personally lead and be accountable across all aspects of the strategy, development and delivery of Digital and Technology services across our change activity and equally important our critical technology infrastructure, facilities and services in the provision of business as usual activity. 


You will also be required to oversee and direct a significant re-platforming and refresh of the two forces technology service estate.


If appointed, you will be part of an accountable team ensuring realisation of the Forces Business Strategies and outcomes through the development and delivery of an appropriate and relevant Digital Services Strategy and operating regime by:

  • Ensuring that Digital Services and supporting technology are determined, provided and managed in a manner that assures they are appropriate and relevant at all times to enable the needs of the alliance

  • Actively demonstrating and promoting the values and behaviours expected of everyone who works with or for the alliance – creating a culture of achievement

  • Ensuring that Digital Services and Technology are customer centric in their design and delivery

  • Ensuring that the right staffing capabilities, competencies and capacities are available, at the right time in the right way

  • Ensuring that the value of Digital Services and Technology to the Forces are maximised through innovation and best practice

  • Ensuring that sustainable ‘commercial standard’ arrangements are in place for the complete service lifecycle of the Digital Services and supporting Technology whether directly provided or through managed services arrangements

  • Ensuring that Digital Services and Technology contribute to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies of the alliance

  • Ensuring compliance to all appropriate and relevant policies and legislation

Joining us here offers you an opportunity to influence and implement how Digital Services and Technology can shape the future of policing, while consolidating your skills and experience in a more rewarding environment.