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Recruitment for the Public Sector

What is it that fires your professional enthusiasm? Is it the scale of the challenge, and the real value to the public of the output you will be delivering?


If it is, read on…

This is not a simple challenge; you will need to be resilient, able to handle complexity and ambiguity, and to be part of a department at the centre of both change and operations, working with committed police professionals and supporting staff.


​ We are looking for individuals with the technical, management and leadership skill to lead the Digital Services Department and Digital Services Transformation for West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police over the next 3 to 4 years.


The shared vision of the two forces, and the reason they are here, is to protect people from harm. However they share a common technology platform which is yet to be fully converged.  Coupled with minimal platform-level investment over the last 5 years, the result is a complex technical platform that is no longer fit for purpose as an operating model to fully support digital policing.


Recognising the challenge and to enable change and innovation, we have significant resources to invest in upgrading the system including a new technology platform, and we have already started a technical architecture design phase. Considerable investments have already been made in front end operational policing; new control rooms which will allow smarter solutions to policing; body worn video devices; local projects and national collaborations.


We are seeking exceptional individuals, with a proven background in technical transformation at scale, who can deliver the upgrade that the two forces need, and at the same time ensure that the Digital Services Department continues to provide effective day-to-day support to operational policing.


If this sounds like you then I look forward to working with you to upgrade the Digital Technology that supports policing here, and to enjoying the challenge along the way.


Head of Digital & Technology

Simon Bennett
Head of Digital & Technology
Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police